Through creativity, resourcefulness and its commitment to quality, Groupe Lépine International seeks unique opportunities that few would even consider and even fewer pursue. Its diverse and versatile history shows a track record of identifying, executing and successfully bringing to market atypical projects that meet a consumer demand while delivering financial rewards to the company and its financial stakeholders.

Mr. René Lépine, the founder of Groupe Lépine International, possesses clear foresight and a solid understanding of markets and global economic trends. These traits, combined with a depth of knowledge of the real estate development industry, fuel his search to identify overlooked businesses of special merit and opportunity.

Whether pioneering new markets in the Caribbean, Central or Eastern Europe, or importing foreign concepts and technologies to its home markets, or whether it is introducing well-known products into new markets, or using new technologies (such as modular prefabrication) to rebuild old blighted neighborhoods, Groupe Lépine International constantly researches and applies the most cost effective strategies to create profitable quality projects at a variety of price points – even affordable housing.

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